Out with the old and in with the new! Like most businesses, beauty brands have had to rethink their marketing strategy over the last several months due to COVID-19. Audiences no longer want or need the ultra glam look. Beauty trends are leaning toward a more natural, dewy skin, at home look with neutral colors, skincare, and moisturized hands being at the top of the list.

So how can beauty brands reflect these new trends and stay relevant during this time? Read on to explore our top 3 ad creatives beauty brands should be focusing on right now.


Are you not entertained? We’re all at home more than ever and are looking for ways to stay engaged. By adding an element of entertainment to your ad creative, your content not only instantly becomes more engaging, this type of ad creative also comes across as very native and therefore, doesn’t feel like an actual ad.

Some “entertaining” ad creative your beauty brand should consider include:

  • Makeup/skincare steps tutorials
  • Use the poll feature within ads to directly engage your audience
  • Ask questions, encouraging comments and tagging on ads
beauty ad creative


If you haven’t already, now is a good time to consider how your brand can help those in need. Consumers want to feel good when they buy a product. They not only want that product to be good for them, but they also want to know that the brand is doing good themselves and giving back. This rings true now more than ever. And let’s be real, when you buy something with a portion going to a good cause, it makes that purchase decision just that much easier. It’s the literal definition of a win win.

Some “act” ad creative your beauty brand should consider include:

  • Show how your brand is giving back
  • Donate a % of proceeds to a charity in need
beauty ad creative


Self-care is at the forefront of everything right now. From pampering ourselves at home, to making sure our mental health is in check, beauty brands who capitalize on “feeling your best at home” will resonate with audiences.

But just because we have to be at home, doesn’t mean we don’t need beauty. It may just be a different type of beauty. Companies are promoting simple make-up routines to look polished in video conferences and positioning skincare as a soothing ritual that offers a quick respite from pandemic stresses.

Some “glow at home” ad creative your beauty brand should consider include:

  • User Generated Content
  • A focus on self care
  • Tutorials on how to feel your best at home
beauty brand ad creative

Ready to get creative with your next ad campaign?